Curbside Trash Collection

The brown trash cart is for household garbage only. It is collected one specific day per week. Find your collection day.

  • There are three sizes available – 96-gallon, 64-gallon and 48-gallon. Call 3-1-1 and request the best size for your household. You may also request brown additional carts. This will increase the monthly collection fee.
  • The monthly collection fee is based on the size of your brown trash cart. If you downsize your cart, the monthly fee will be reduced. Request to downsize by calling 3-1-1.
  • On your collection day, set the brown cart at the curb by 7:00 am.
  • It cannot be in the lawn, on the sidewalk or in the driveway. (Alley collections are the only exception.)
  • The wheels should be touching the curb.
  • It should be unobstructed – not behind parked cars or blocked by other things. Also, it should not be under low hanging tree limbs.
  • Do not overfill or overstuff the cart. The material could get lodged in the cart and not empty. If it is too heavy, the cart could fall into the truck.
  • The lid must close completely. Do not put extra material on top or to the side of the carts. The arm cannot grab it.
  • NEVER put ashes, coals or embers in the carts. Material in trucks can catch fire.
  • Household hazardous waste should be taken to the Drop-Off Center.
  • If you feel your cart has been missed, wait until 5:00 pm to report it to 3-1-1.
  • Report damaged carts to 3-1-1.

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