Educational Materials

There is information online that teaches about recycling, organics, and environmental sciences. Our materials differ because they are original materials, developed by our team and written specifically about San Antonio’s programs. Many of our pieces have won prestigious industry awards.

For the younger students, we have three sets of activity books customized by age group. For the young readers, our original children’s books, “Where Does it Go” and “What Happens” follow the start-to-finish journey of recycling and organic materials beginning with residents setting out their carts at their homes. These books are available in Spanish as well.

All ages can join the Eco Scholar program, even your entire classroom. Similar to earning a Girl or Boy Scout badge, students select projects, submit their work and earn a great deal of award merchandise. College-bound students can complete a Capstone project and receive a letter of recommendation from the City to strengthen college applications.

Presentations, both virtual and in-classroom feature interactive games to facilitate the learning process. Students can play Recycle Jeopardy, Recycle Trivia and Recycle Bingo. At live events, kids can run a Recycle Relay.

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Eco Scholars

Join the Eco Scholars program and become an environmental genius.

Online Presentations

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