Capstone Projects

For college-bound High School students, the university application process is highly competitive. Beyond your grades showing extra curricular activity is an excellent way to stand out.

Through our Eco Scholars program, you can select an activity that will be presented to the City of San Antonio. It can be a research project, training in environmental sciences, emersion into a City Department’s operations, or your own unique idea around the environment, climate or other areas of sustainability.

When your project is completed and submitted, it will be evaluated by the Solid Waste Department. Those that are judged to be excellent will receive a letter of recommendation from the Director of Solid Waste, Mr. David Newman. The Eco Scholar program is not easy, but that is why it has merit.

Your Capstone project may even get published in the Department’s annual report to the Mayor, City Council and the City Manager.

Eco Scholars

Join the Eco Scholars program and become an environmental genius.