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FY2021 Safety Training

ISO 45001 Certification

What is ISO 45001? – ISO 45001 is an International Standard that specifies requirements for an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system, with guidance for its use, to enable an organization to proactively improve its OH&S performance in preventing injury and ill-health. Once ISO 45001 is released Certification will last for three years and is subject to mandatory audits every year to ensure that you are compliant. At the end of the three years, you will be requested to complete a reassessment audit in order to become recertified to the standard.

Core Awards

The CORE Values Employee Recognition Program celebrates employees and teams for making meaningful contributions that go above and beyond their normal job duties. There are four categories of awards modeled after each of the City's Core Values. The awards are intended to recognize employees whose actions embody the following: Teamwork - We work together to make San Antonio better. Integrity - We model ethical behavior. Innovation - We are driven by continuous improvement. Professionalism - We are qualified, skilled, and committed.

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Director's Message

Our Department’s greatest asset is its people. Their safety and well-being is of paramount importance, not only because we rely on our staff to fulfill our mission but because each person matters. I enjoy meeting and talking to our employees. I want all of our employees to be safe at work and go home safely each day to their respective families.

Meet our Safety Trainers

A department trainer is assigned to each of the four service centers. Their primary focus is to train new hire side load equipment operators to drive a commercial vehicle from the right-hand side. They also train new drivers who have never driven a commercial vehicle from the learners permit to the actual DPS exam. When not training they are out on the route or at the unloading facility(s) ensuring all safety procedures are always being followed. >>Bios