The Eco Scholars Program

Are you a parent of an eager learner? Do you teach a group of passionate students? Or, are you a student yourself? San Antonio Eco Scholars is an educational program dedicated to hands-on learning that will increase environmental awareness and community engagement. With tailored material for every grade level, K-12. Eco Scholars will give students a chance to learn about recycling, composting, and trash disposal. Participants will even get an sneak peek of career paths within the Solid Waste Industry. Join today to complete these activities and receive a Certificate of Completion, Letter of Recommendation, Teacher Tool kit, a shadowing opportunity, or a chance to drive our simulator. The Solid Waste Management Department wants to empower our future generations, so let’s all work together to create a cleaner future for San Antonio.

Eco Scholars Program Levels

We believe in starting San Antonio young children with a strong foundation on why it’s important to put the right items in the right collection cart. What we all do makes a difference! From video lessons to fun activities this starter level will help kids learn why it’s important to recycle.
What happens to trash when it leaves your home? How do you build a landfill? Who fixes the collection trucks? Middle school students will learn more about our facilities through virtual tours, interactive lessons and experiments that will change the way they see trash and recycling.
Not every career in the Solid Waste Management department looks the same. From drivers to management analysts, our teams are ready to show students more about our department. Early high school students will learn more about careers within the SWMD and how to combine passion for environmentalism with public service.
Our Eco Scholar Capstone project integrates recycling education and environmentalism into real world applications. Students who apply for this project will learn how to interact in professional work environments, community volunteering and public administration.

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