Tags, Door Hangers & Flyers

We communicate directly with individual customers in a variety of ways. Here are the methods we use and what the messages mean.


Holiday Schedules

All customers receive a letter in early November for collection day changes over Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and MLK Day.

Contamination Notices

Customers may receive a letter and an informational flyer when Drivers or Inspectors see unaccepted items in the carts.

Brush & Bulky Violations

Violations to the curbside brush and bulky guidelines will also generate a letter. Read more about these programs and schedules.

Account Information

There are various other letters about specific issues. Please open and read carefully all correspondence from the Department.

Cart Tags

Thank You!

We appreciate your participation in our programs.

Friendly Reminder

We found unaccepted items in your carts that may have been unintentional.

Suggest to Upsize

If we notice extra trash outside your cart, we recommend the 96-gallon.

No Service

Collection may not have been possible for several reasons.

Green & Blue Cart Warnings

If contamination persists at an address, that resident is notified future problems may result in a fee.

Brush & Bulky Violation

A violation tag is for issues with brush and bulky collections. Fees are based on the size of the problem.

Notice of Fee Assessment

Continual contamination issues will ultimately result in a fee of either $25 or $50 for diapers.

Special Situation Tags

There are several other cart tags with other purposes. Please read any cart tag you receive very carefully.

Door Hangers

Brush and Bulky Item Collections

Brush and Bulky Item piles are each collected two times per year. These hangers are placed out several weeks ahead.

Alley Service Customers

There may be collection problems in your alley. Issues such as construction, obstruction, and weather conditions affect collection.

Out-of-Cycle Estimate

For an out-of-cycle Brush or Bulky Item collection, this hanger will be left with the estimated cost to collect.

Cart Replacement & Repair

We occasionally need to replace a cart due to normal wear and tear or damage. This hanger assures you it was not stolen.

Popular Videos

Our Recycling Campaigns

We produce videos and commercials to promote recycling and composting and how to use the carts correctly.

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